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ChrisK is based in South Florida. His love of photography started with his background in cinematography. Chris is a full time Director of Photography and has shot feature length films, music videos, and countless commercials. His primary focus in photography is to capture the beauty of the human form. He primarily shoots fashion, portrait, editorial, and glamour. His largest influences are the style of glamour photography from Arny Freytag and Stephen Wayda.

Since a young age, Chris was always captivated by video. He always had a camera in his hands. He never thought about still photography until he attended college when he had to take photography classes. Where he developed amazing skills in lighting-even his professors asked him how to light certain scenes for their own projects. He pursued photography as a hobby starting from a bet he made with a friend. Chris' friend was in photography and asked Chris to shoot a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot. After the photoshoot, his friend asked him what he thought, Chris' sly reply was "I could do it better!" He made a bet with his friend that he could be a better photographer, after all photography had the same rules and techniques then to motion pictures. From his first photoshoot, Chris was hooked.

Chris graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a B.S. in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. It wasn't until after he graduated when he decided to add photography his professional skillset. But he never felt satisfied with photography because of his clients; who would dictate the subject, location, or even the final look of the image. That's when Chris started to experiment.

It was in 2014 when shooting a personal project when a beautiful accident happened. When he was going through the photos from the photoshoot-something clicked while looking at one picture out of the hundreds: Every strobe light fired but for the key light, leaving a silhouette surrounded by a perfectly lit environment. Chris then experimented more with silhouettes by adding fog, and dozens of rim-lights. This was the first photography series he created, his Evening Silhouette Series.

Chris now works in symmetry with photography and video. And uses his technical skills in motion pictures to improve his photography, to convey mood and styling through lighting and composition, while telling story and leaving the viewer wanting more. And has also branched off to landscape and natural light photography.
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